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"The video is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good."

Cathy Brown | Valpo Velvet

"Your work is exceptional. The revised video is terrific! It has been a pleasure working with Smith Donovan Video."

Gabrielle Biciunas | NIRPC

"I just want to say what an incredible contribution you’re making to this project.  Dorothy and I are both so thrilled with those things you cut of our work.  Dorothy especially. And just everything you do!!  The best!"

John Hancock | Film Director

"Amazing! I showed a couple of folks and they were very impressed!! Thanks again for the quick turnaround last week.  We thought the video turned out great."

Matt Keane | HED

"This is beautiful! We are in tears over this--it's so rare someone actually captures the passion we feel for this place---THANK YOU!!"

Scot MacDonald | Memorial Opera House

"On behalf of the Remainders, thanks for all you did for the New York show. If only we played music as well as you guys design things. I wish you all much success, and sincerely hope that you eventually recover most of your hearing."

Dave Barry | Rock Bottom Remainders

"This is fantastic. Also, our Facebook Likes went up by over 1,000 within a matter of days. That is truly amazing."

Lorelei Weimer | Indiana Dunes Tourism

In the first 3 minutes, you exceeded my expectations!!!
Thank you so much!"

Katie Rizer | Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve

This is looking great! I’m very impressed at what you’ve put together. In fact, even though the run time is almost 14 minutes, it only seems like 5 minutes."

Greg Mackey | Sullair

You guys are professionals! The video looks great – LOL. We approve! Thank you so much – we had fun working with you. Best of luck!"

Stephanie Killian | Duneswalk Inn

"My hat is definitely tipped to the both of you for your efforts on the rough edits; well-done (but then again I knew the S.D. crew was the right team for the job)!"

Katie Hein | Dwyer

"What a home run!   I just watched it with my husband who has been in the area since the late 60's (he ran a social service settlement house in Chicago that had a camp in New Buffalo) and we both were blown away with the vitality and energy displayed."

Ruth Wuorenma | Neighborhood Capital Institute

"Your video is a magnum opus. You masterfully captured the essence of dunes birding."

Ken Brock | Bird Expert

"We got applause and accolades at the Pathway to 2040 implementation committee this morning when we showed the video. Again, a job well-done!"

Steve Strains | NIRPC

"You should be very proud. You guys got multiple ovations from everybody. The videos looked great."

Michigan City

"I had an amazing experience working with Thad- after a short brainstorming session and telling him more about our office, we only went through a few rough ideas.  I felt that he really listened to what we wanted and made the few edits very quickly.  He is very responsive, easy to work with, and because he produced such professional quality commercials I know we will be working together again."

Sandi Visser | Chicago Stem Cell Therapy

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